L’Oreal Taps Smart Tech for Genius Makeup App

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By SHELIA  SHAYON – May 16, 2014

Mirror, mirror on my… smartphone? New technology is putting the beauty aisle right in consumers’ hands thanks to interactive mirror apps like L’Oreal’s new Makeup Genius.

The app, which is making its debut at the Cannes Film Festival this week, will be available to the public in June and offer up more than 300 cosmetics for instant virtual makeovers. Using a phone or tablet’s built-in camera, users can virtually apply lip, eye and cheek products thanks to Image Metrics facial mapping technology—a form of which was used to age Brad Pitt in the Oscar-winning film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

“The app is yet another manifestation of a race among businesses to be connected to the consumer on every device, a competition that has left cosmetic companies far back in the pack,” the New York Times notes. “But it also is a notable advancement toward the concept of an ‘interactive mirror’ that has long fascinated some in the beauty and fashion industries.”

L’Oréal’s Connected Beauty Incubator, which staffs a team of doctors, physicists and computer scientists conducted research on hundreds of people from different ethnic backgrounds, 400 lighting scenarios and how products dry on the skin.

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