Try Makeup Before You Buy It

Transcribed from ABC News – May 16, 2014

There’s a brand-new makeup app that lets you virtually try before you buy. Makeup genius L’Oreal is using facial mapping technology. They’re teaming up with the company that did all of the special effects for Brad Pitt in “Benjamin Button”.

It’s really cool. It enables you to point the camera on your iPhone or iPad at your face, and you choose over 300 products and runway looks, and the makeup appears on you. You move, it moves. You can take a photo from a bar code of a product, and it appears on your face.

It’s a great idea. It will save you money.

Will it make you younger, like it did with brad Pitt?

Ah, I so wish. That’s the makeup I want. That’s the one.

The thing is, it not going to show you how to put it on. It’s going to put it on your face in an expert application. It is good technology and I think it will save money for the consumer and the producer.

So many times, you get the wrong color. I’m excited!