L’Oreal Unveils Augmented Reality Makeup App

L'Oreal Makeup Genius App

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L’Oreal Paris, the official makeup brand for the Cannes Film Festival, has launched an innovative augmented reality makeup app at the event. The app, Makeup Genius, will let users try on cosmetics before they buy them. The makeup brand defines the app as “the first connected beauty digital innovation”. People can try out the latest products of the brand in real time before they actually buy the products. If you love testing out new makeup looks, this app will definitely be a useful one for you.

How does Makeup Genius work?

Users of the Makeup Genius app can try on an entire range of lip colors, mascaras and eye-shadows in real time and see how it will look like on their face. Depending on that, they can make their purchase.

The tablets and smartphones of the users are turned into virtual mirrors as the augmented reality app uses the front camera of the mobile devices. The colors are virtually applied on the snapshot of the users’ face. All the users need to do is, hold the mobile devices in front of their face so that they can virtually see how the cosmetics will look, when applied on their face, in real time. Once they try out the latest set of L’Oreal Paris cosmetics and find out their desired product, they can make their purchase.

Apart from that, users can also scan the barcodes attached to the products of L’Oreal Paris with the Makeup Genius AR app, while they are shopping. This will let them try out the relevant shade of lip color or any other product immediately.

Shoppers often skip buying cosmetics which have some daring and trendy shades thinking that it wouldn’t suit them. But with this app, they can immediately try those shades out and might even find them matching with their hair and skin color. This might prompt them to make that purchase easily.

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