L’Oreal Paris Unveils Augmented Reality Makeup Mirror, Makeup Genius

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PRNewswire – June 18, 2014

Forget smudging a lipstick tester on the back of your hand or waiting to get home to try out a new eye shadow color. Get ready to experience beauty in an entirely new way, thanks to L’Oreal Paris. The leading global beauty brand is making history with the introduction of Makeup Genius – a game-changing app that uses advanced facial mapping technology to turn the front-facing iPhone and iPad camera into a virtual mirror that allows women to try on products in real-time.

Based on technology previously only used in Hollywood and the gaming industry, Makeup Genius allows consumers to scan a L’Oreal Paris product or advertisement to detect a color match, virtually try on individual products or test out curated looks from expert makeup artists, and share with friends and family on Facebook. The Makeup Genius app is available beginning today for free download in The App Store.

From Hollywood Studios to Your Smartphone

The virtual makeup app, Makeup Genius, was born out of L’Oreal USA’s Connected Beauty Incubator, a new business division based out of L’Oreal’s Research & Innovation labs in Clark, New Jersey, dedicated entirely to technology innovation. The incubator is driven by collaborations with emerging companies, entrepreneurs, and experts in a diverse array of fields, cultivating mutually beneficial partnerships that simultaneously drive innovation at L’Oreal, while bringing these external businesses into the beauty sphere for the first time. For Makeup Genius, the brand enlisted the expertise of Image Metrics, a company known for its advanced facial mapping technology in movies and video games and whose team of data scientists worked on the animation for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a film which went on to win an Oscar for Visual Effects.

“At L’Oreal, we are committed to bringing beauty to all women through the development of breakthrough technologies and cross-industry partnerships that complement our scientific expertise and add value to our consumer’s digitally connected lives,” says Marie Gulin-Merle, CMO L’Oreal USA. “Our ambition for Makeup Genius was to create a game-changing digital experience that was on par with the same best-in-class standards as our product portfolio.”

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