How Technology is Transforming the Cosmetics Industry

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Ho Technology Is Transforming the Makeup Industry

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SOPHIE CURTIS – October 7, 2014

The cosmetics industry is embracing new technologies, as it attempts to attract a new wave of digital natives

The rise of online shopping has transformed the way we buy everything from groceries to clothes but, when it comes to cosmetics, online shopping has hit the buffers. This is because consumers still want the same ‘real-life’ experience online as they do in-store – they want to know what a product will look like, or smell like, in order to make a decision.

With 87 per cent of people expected to be shopping online and 45 per cent via mobile phones by 2020, cosmetics companies need to use the most advanced technology available to introduce products to digital consumers. Recent research from the Future Foundation found that “in-store experience needs to work ever harder to excite and ‘close the deal’ while the customer is on site”.

Now two L’Oréal brands have launched partnerships with technology companies to allow customers to use the latest technology to ‘trial’ cosmetics before they buy. YSL has partnered with Google to enable make-up artists to show customers how to apply their make-up via digital technology, while L’Oréal Paris has launched a ‘Make-up Genius’ app to allow customers to see how make-up will look on their face before buying it.

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