Critical Excerpts From L’Oreal 2015 Annual Financial Information Meeting

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At the 2015 L’Oreal Annual Financial Information Meeting, executives discussed innovations seen at L’Oreal, highlighting digital beauty and the future of makeup sales through digital channels.

  • “L’Oreal Paris launched an amazing app – MAKEUP GENIUS – the first mobile augmented reality makeup simulator – allowing consumers to try on, live, thousands of looks and products.”
  • “Digitalization allows us to reach and recruit new connected consumers.”
  • “Digital allows us to bring service to our consumers.”
  • “MAKEUP GENIUS is a real beauty adviser in our consumers pockets bringing a level of service never seen before in our channel, with more than 6.3 million downloads. We intend to take full advantage of this historical opportunity to give close service and a closer connection to our consumers on all our brands.”
  • “Ecommerce (for our division in China) already represents more than 10% of our sales.”
  • “We (are) committed to reinvent mass beauty with…a strong innovation plan and an accelerated digitalization.

–  as spoken by Marc Menesguen, L’Oreal President, Consumer Products Division


  • “It was a major year in the digital transformation of L’Oreal.”
  • “I am a strong believer that digital will transform completely and for the better, the whole relationship between our brands and our consumers.”
  • “We have strong intentions to be the pioneers and the leaders of digital beauty.”
  • “5 of our brands (are) in the top 10 digital IQ in the USA and in China.”
  • “We are very convinced that digital will have a strong positive leverage on the success of the group.”

– as spoken by Jean Paul Agon, L’Oreal Chairman and CEO



See the full presentation to shareholders at the February 13, 2015 Annual Financial Meeting