Fast Company Selects L’Oreal as World Innovator Using Image Metrics Technology

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In their annual World’s Most Innovative Companies published March, 2015, Fast Company applauded L’Oréal for their business acumen in “turning screens into applicator brushes.” This “inspirational” technology is reliant on the Image Metrics facial recognition sciences.

Fast Company logoELISA MALA – March 2015


The $30.5 billion cosmetics giant L’Oréal is smartly investing in a future where makeup isn’t sold predominantly amid the hawking din of department store cosmetics counters. Last June, L’Oréal’s US-based tech lab launched its first product, an app called Makeup ­Genius, which uses a phone’s front-facing camera to host the digital equivalent of a counter-side makeover. It recruited the firm behind many jaw dropping visuals in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button to create startlingly realistic effects when users move and pucker. “Seeing is believing,” says Guive Balooch, Global VP of L’Oréal’s Connected Beauty Incubator. (Consumers downloaded the app more than 1.4 million times.)

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