L’Oreal Paris Announces Amazing Makeup Genius Stats

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Image Metrics' Makeup Genius is #1 Lifestyle App
PARIS, June 20, 2015
When you are the #1 Lifestyle App with +10 million downloads, +25 million looks, and +65 million product trials you know your technology is world renowned and producing some pretty significant ROI. Makeup Genius is that app, developed by Image Metrics for L’Oreal Paris, using the same proprietary technology behind award-winning video games and movie special effects.
Image Metrics CEO, Ron Ryder, recently chaired an international summit on makeup technology and discussed the marketing and innovation of Makeup Genius as developed by Image Metrics.  “It’s no surprise for us that Makeup Genius has ranked in the top 5 overall in each market released and is the number 1 lifestyle app. L’Oreal Paris had a very specific application, and we have the technology to make it happen. It’s a partnership that has delivered staggering success.”
With additional worldwide rankings:
#1 in Germany
#2 in France
#5 in USA overall
Consumers can’t get enough of the genius within Makeup Genius!