How to Become a Zombie in Seconds

By September 3, 2015 Article, Press No Comments

Zombie_Magazine_CoverHave things become a little…dead? Liven it up with a new zombie face FX app called Turned. Turned is an app that instantly turns you into a zombie or survivor in photos and videos. Users can choose from a variety of randomized zombie and survivor effects or customize their own creation from over 1,000 different combinations of effects. Galleries show the spread of the zombie contagion around the world and offer a little friendly competition for top slots on the leaderboard that are ranked by the most user likes.

The results are scary good and unlike other apps out there, the effects actually move with your facial expressions in real-time. This is a marked improvement over previous zombie apps in that it gives users more realism, control, and real-time video capabilities. Other zombie apps have effects that look cartoonish, are not real-time, or have pre-set animation that does not give the user control of facial movement. Turned changes that by capturing micro-expressions throughout the face, fitting the effects to each users’ unique facial features, and using customizable, true-to-life special effects. Plus, for the first time users can record and send that user-driven real-time video.


Here’s How It Works

#1 Choose Your Side
You’re either a zombie or a survivor. It’s either one or the other – almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. But you can always switch back to the other side by selecting the menu button in the left corner so don’t sweat it.

#2 Scan Your Face
Fit your face within the face frame. If the face scan has trouble recognizing your features, go to a more well lit area and if you have hair covering part of your face such as bangs, pull it back. Same idea for hats, take them off so that the face scan can quickly register all the tracking points on your unique face.

#3 Choose Your Zombie or Survivor Effects
Next, you can choose from different zombie effects through the randomizer button in the bottom right corner or bring up the tools menu by selecting the button in the bottom left corner. To take a photo, tap the button in the bottom middle corner. For video, hold the button.

#4 Have Fun
Go crazy with it! Every day we’re discovering new ways to use the app – from friends and family to photos, billboards, online videos, magazines, and more.

#5 Share Your Videos or Photos
Hit the share button that appears in the bottom right corner. Select if you’d like to share to the gallery. You can then share the videos or photos across social media, send to email, or save the photos to your photo library.

In Short, the App is Awesome. Why?

-The app creates the FX so you don’t have to.

-You can customize your own zombie with the various FX tools.

-Nothing else on the market is this good.

-Ahem, did I mention that it’s free and awesome?