The Making of DieHard Fan

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Intro from Image Metrics – At Image Metrics, we are proud of our partnership with the innovators at Nissan and the resulting creation of the #1 downloaded DieHard Fan app. This augmented reality app, powered by Image Metrics award-winning technology, allows fans to first choose their favorite collegiate sports team and then select the detailed face painting from a library of options that captures their passion. Instantly their chosen design is “painted” over a favorite picture or video of their face, allowing them to share the result via smartphone or tablet.

Since 2000, we’ve been at the forefront of facial analysis and detection research.  Our company provides the world’s most advanced tracking technology, enabling hyper-accurate placement of 3D, 3D Animated and 2D objects within augmented reality scenes. Patented algorithms are capable of detecting nuanced facial expressions, allowing for the observation of user emotions and placement of photo-real artifacts, seamlessly within a video stream. All in real-time, available on mobile and PC devices.
Innovation and entrepreneurial partnership, as with Nissan and the DieHard Fan app, are in our DNA.  We invite you to learn more about our projects, awards, and expertise HERE.


Painting your face is the ultimate mark of team devotion. So when Nissan released DieHard Fan, an app that allows fans of college sports to digitally add their team colors easily and without mess, we expected people would have fun with it. Did they ever.

In its first month users tried on more than 41,000,000 digitally applied designs, captured 2.7 million photos and videos of their creations using the more than 1000 paint variations possible with the colors of 100 colleges and universities.



So exactly how did Nissan create DieHard Fan?

It starts with Nissan signing the widest reaching sponsorship deal in the history of American collegiate sports.

Once that was in place designs for each school were meticulously created then applied to a face in real-life and photographed extensively. Once each design was photographed from every angle the latest in object mapping technology was used to painstakingly transfer the look into the digital realm.

When you use DieHard Fan that digital design is applied by advanced software that tracks movement, 64 facial points and 100 expressions per frame to create life-like paint that responds instantly to your every cheer and reaction to those highlight reel plays. Once the realm of professional animation, this technology can now be used by your phone’s camera.

In the making of video you can see each step of the process and learn more about how Nissan brought the app to 190,000,000 college sports fans.


When you use DieHard Fan that digital design is applied by advanced software that tracks movement, 64 facial points and 100 expressions per frame to create life-like paint that responds instantly to your every cheer


The latest version features new paint designs, a public gallery that allows you to share your best pictures with the world and Rally Cries, animated cheers that take your fandom to the next level.

The latest updates also adds these additional schools:

  • SDSU
  • Notre Dame
  • Michigan State
  • Hawaii



At Nissan, we are driven by the spirit of competition and inspired by those who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of athletic excellence. We understand that the thrill of victory knows no borders, so we developed the Nations edition of our award-winning Diehard Fan app so fans from across the globe could cheer on their athletes as they took on the world in August.

Released in more than 35 countries DieHard Fan Nations included colors and designs for more than 200 countries.

Users chose their favorite, painted their game faces, and shared their pics and videos while they cheered on top athletes from around the globe.

Athletes like Usain Bolt, who displayed his Jamaican pride using DieHard Fan – Nations on Instagram before heading off to compete against the world’s best.