In 2000, a team of computer scientists founded Image Metrics to create breakthrough technologies based on computer vision, facial analysis and facial recognition.  Six patents and 60 man-years of research later, Image Metrics today delivers powerful and easy-to-use software to digital media, consumer electronics, interactive entertainment and other software companies whose goal is to give their users the most compelling interactive experiences possible.

Image Metrics proprietary algorithms make the recognition and realtime animation of nuanced expressions and emotion possible with nothing more than a camera on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.  The opportunities for self-representation and personalized content control are endless. Image Metrics technology can be integrated into computers, tablets, smartphones, interactive television and other digital devices, and strategically leveraged in game or apps. The company is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV and has primary operational offices in El Segundo, CA and Austin, TX; the research center is located in Manchester, UK.

Management Team

Ron Ryder

Ron Ryder

Chief Executive Officer

Ron Ryder joined Image Metrics in 2009 following 12 years of experience in the technology and entertainment industries. In 2013, Ron become CEO and led the Company through its transition from animation technology provider to a highly innovative provider of Augmented Reality and hyper-accurate facial detection solutions.

Ron brings to the Company a solid history of transaction success. Ron began his career working in transaction support for Ernst & Young and went on to execute exit strategies for the Virgin Studios Group and Post Logic to major industry players.

In 2004, he founded Grayworks with a focus on executive advising and transaction support for notable clients Disney, Celetronix and the Decurion Corporation

Dr. Kevin Walker

Dr. Kevin Walker

Founder and Chief Technical Officer

Kevin has worked in the field of computer vision and machine learning for nearly 20 years, much of this time specializing in the application of these fields to the human face. He is the author of over 20 publications and patents. Kevin gained his PhD from the University of Manchester, working in the field of computer vision and its application to the human face. He won a national award for the research undertaken in his PhD.

Kevin founded Image Metrics 14 years ago and in that time has overseen the creation and deployment of computer vision technologies into multiple industries including the entertainment, medical and cosmetics.

In the entertainment industry, software and hardware solutions were created to produce 2D and 3D facial animation. These solutions were adopted by some of the most recognized brands in the industry such as ``Grand Theft Auto`` and have won multiple industry awards. The technology was featured in the Hollywood blockbuster film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” which won an Academy Award for visual effects based on IM technology.

More recently Kevin has overseen the transition of Image Metrics technology to consumer applications resulting in several successful mobile applications including L'Oreal's “Makeup Genius.”

Nick Ramsay

Nick Ramsay

VP Product

Nick is VP Product at Image Metrics, managing and directing product strategy and overseeing product management and design functions at Image Metrics.

Nick led the productization shift from animation production to commercialization of user-
focused applications in the entertainment business. More recently he oversaw the transition from professional-focused software to mass consumer applications on mobile devices. He is instrumental to the Company’s ongoing operations and movement into new markets, managing change throughout the UK and US teams, directing daily development operations and acting as the primary external client liaison.

Nick has more than 15 years of experience in technology, animation and software industries. Prior to Image Metrics, he held product roles in software and systems at Autodesk Media & Entertainment focused on user experience, product design and pipeline integration. His past experience also includes 3D animation for video games.

Dr. Mike Rogers

Dr. Mike Rogers

VP of Research

Mike is an experienced computer vision and machine-learning specialist with a decade spent in the field of high-accuracy facial analysis. He leads Image Metrics’ research team in creating industry-leading real-time facial tracking, animation and virtual try-on technology. Mike is one of the leading experts in deploying cutting-edge computer vision technology into mass-market products.

Prior to Image Metrics, Mike gained his PhD from University of Manchester, one of the UK’s premier research universities, and worked for almost a decade applying computer vision techniques in the biotechnology/medical research field. He has authored over 15 academic journals and top-level peer-reviewed conference papers. Mike manages Image Metrics' IP strategy and patent portfolio, and presents his work at leading academic and industry conferences.

The Board

Dave Rolston


Dave Rolston brings more than 35 years of technology experience to Image Metrics. His experience spans a broad spectrum of industries, applications, and technologies including extensive involvement in simulation and training, graphics applications, imagery, gaming, artificial intelligence, entertainment, and early versions of the Internet. Before his position as CEO of Forterra—he held a variety of high-level positions in well-known technology companies, including VP of Engineering for ATI, CEO of Multigen-Paradigm, and GM of Silicon Graphic’s Advanced Graphics Division.

Peter Norris


Peter Norris is Chairman of Virgin Group Holdings. Prior to his joining Virgin, he served as CEO of Quayle Munro Holdings PLC from 2007 to 2009 and of New Boathouse Capital, a firm he founded in 2000 and sold to Quayle Munro in 2007. He has also held senior positions at Barings and Goldman Sachs. Mr. Norris holds a first class honours degree in Modern History and Modern Languages from Oxford University.

Ranjeet Bhatia


Prior to co-founding Saffron Hill Ventures, Ranjeet Bhatia worked as Advisor to the Chairman of Loot Ltd. where he advised on e-commerce strategy and investment and in a venture capital capacity for Lord Rothschild, evaluating technology venture opportunities. He currently serves on the boards of Saffron Hill portfolio companies, Agilyx, Coyuchi, Optasia Medical, and Marrone Bio Innovations..